Leveraging the synergies of digital and data analytics to embrace enterprise transformation


 Unlock the power of data & analytics to achieve business resilience

Digital transformation has been a buzzword in the corporate world for years. Yet, it took a pandemic of an unprecedented scale to compel enterprises worldwide to abandon their traditional organizational structure and accelerate their business transformation efforts. Overnight, millions of companies started to propel their transformation journey with process automation, application modernization, and data-driven analytics to remain competitive in the ‘new normal’.

Since data and technology are at the core of a value-added technological transformation, MIND focuses on helping businesses achieve their desired outcome by converting data into actionable insights. Our Digital & Analytics services provide business-ready digital innovations that can help your company develop an enterprise-wide culture of agility, flexibility, and resilience.

MIND Digital & Analytics offerings are designed to guide your technological transformation and data management efforts. We also ensure the omnipresence of data analytics in your business and set up future-ready processes and systems. MIND is dedicated to providing maximum value to our clients by leveraging extensive domain expertise, a strong team of experienced business analysts, data scientists, and data engineers, and a host of robust vendor partnerships.

Our Approach - Synergia

Collaborative digital transformation journeys

Our Digital Service Offerings

Immersive Interactive

Development of native mobile apps, cross-platform apps and responsive web-apps

Microsoft CoE

Development of responsive web portals, progressive web-apps, databases and intranets to on-prem SharePoint management services, Office 365 SharePoint management, SharePoint document management solutions, AI/ML, Power BI and object analysis

Testing as a Service (TaaS)

Manual testing, security and performance testing, functional testing and bug logging using JIRA and Microsoft Azure delivered by industry-leading our dedicated test teams

Digital Product Development Services

Our offerings help enterprises to deliver exceptional, new-age digital customer experiences by innovating rapidly. From Application Development & Maintenance to quality assurance, developing quick prototypes to user/application testing; it covers the entire gamut of digital product development. With proper know-how of futuristic technologies, our team delivers world-class products, services, and solutions.

Legacy Transformation

Transform legacy, monolithic architecture by simplifying process automation, technology and platform modernisation, data and UI/UX modernisation, cloud migration and adoption of SaaS-based model.


Forecast, track and transform sales processes with Salesforce license trading, consulting, bundled services, customizations and iMacros RPA.

Our Analytics Service Offerings

Data engineering – Big Data & Management [Lakehouse]

Data engineering – Big Data & Management [Lakehouse]

Design and build large data lakes and warehouses to meet your big data storage needs.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Business Intelligence (BI)

Leverage BI to gain competitive advantage by translating data into actionable insights. Make better decisions, get faster and accurate reporting, analysis, and planning through intelligent insights, dynamic dashboards, metric-driven notifications, etc.

AI and advanced analytics

AI and advanced analytics

Generate actionable insights, predict outcomes and unify data across platforms with predictive and prescriptive analytics powering vital decision-making.

Data Science

Unleash the power of data to stay on top of your game. Know the insights and trends shaping the market, get competition analysis and insights to make intelligent decisions. Our Data Science services leverage ML (Machine Learning) and Deep learning technologies to enable business by translating data into actionable insights and bridging the gap from information to knowledge.

Real-time streaming analytics

Real-time streaming analytics

Harness real-time data stream ingestion, continuous processing, in-stream transformation, and monitoring to deliver actionable insights from streaming data

Our Digital and Analytics Partners

Our Solutions

Accelerate business value with our smart data & analytics solutions

Case Studies

Converging transformation and growth to integrate innovation