AWS Cloud Competencies

Range of services and technologies expertise to help
Customers create intelligent solutions for their business

AWS Competencies

Education Competency

Empowering Organizations for Developing Cloud-Enabled Education Ecosystem

Content Delivery Network

Ensuring Consistent Performance to Businesses with Fast & Secure Content Delivery

Microsoft Workload

Helping Enterprises to manage their MS workloads smoothly & securely on AWS

Cloud Managed Services

Ensuring smooth functioning to let you focus on your core business

AI-ML & Analytics

Helping Customers in Informed Decision Making by leveraging the power of AI, ML & Data Analytics

AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Helping Customers to Achieve the Best Cloud Security Posture and protect their online applications against security threats


Improve business value and increase ROI by leveraging the proven SAP migration methodology on AWS Cloud

Amazon RDS

Explore the Highly Scalable, Cost effective and Simplified Relational Database Service on Cloud

Cloud Native Oberservability

Full stack observability to optimize cost and maximize performance of your Cloud-native workloads

Amazon FSx

Optimize cost and stay Resilient with Fully Managed Windows File Storage for your Most Demanding Workloads

DevOps Competency

Enabling Enterprises to respond quickly to dynamic market requirements



Helping transform applications while moving to
AWS to reduce cost, increase agility, and improve security.