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An IoT based ERP/ Machine agnostic system from MIND with real time data acquisition & production monitoring capabilities.


iDACS enables 4M control across shop floor through smart decision enabling insights to stakeholders.

check image Integration Capability with 3rd Party systems like ERP/PLM etc.

check image Information broadcast across Shop Floor through Smart Displays and ANDON system

check image Forward Material Tracking and Reverse Traceability across the Supply Chain

check image Data acquisition capability from legacy to advanced machines through industry standard protocols and IOT frameworks

check image System managed Real time alerts to enable proactive actions and control on operations

check image Real-time OEE Visibility and Decision Analytics to optimize production performance and drive smarter manufacturing

  • check image Warehouse & Dispatch Management
  • check image Production Monitoring and Control
  • check image Part Tracebility & Inventory Visibility & Control
  • check image Digital Information, Broadcast & Capturing
  • check image Advanced Systems like JIT/JIS/e-Kanban
  • check image User Guidance & Error Proofing
Our Service Offerings

CMCS connects humans to machines in a user-friendly way for remote and intelligent monitoring, controling and visualization of plant/factory equipment and operations.


The journey of handling assets has moved from knowing the status of the asset to know how to keep up to minimise the unplanned downtimes of the assets. iDACS Data Acquisition system is a flexible, configurable tool to connect any asset, as it is hardware agnostic and uses mostly the native methods and not to increase CAPEX by adding additional hardware. Its configurable workflows allows to create any rule dynamically, which can trigger information or even control the equipment.

The inherent data collected, shall be useful in eliminating all manual data collection and support in production data recording, downtimes, visualisations of KPIs like OEE, analysis of machine parameters to predict the breakdowns.

performance management

The service and support industrial application helps scheduling and dispatching service work orders. They also ensure technicians have the required context, instructions, and service information for quick issue resolution onsite or remotely.

performance management

What is planned is to be executed, what is executed to be posted back, all must happen in a controlled manner, which is the key from production point of view. iDACS MES will enable you to monitor & control your production. MBOM validation for each child part used in assembly, route enforcement, poka yoke control, parameter capturing for Traceability, automatic material call system where ever whenever material goes short, etc will ensure that the plan is executed meticulously.

iDACS MES will bring lot of savings in digitising the traceability data which will benefit from manual recordings, hours & days of efforts in compiling the data. It will also give the benefit of not producing or not packing a wrong part which definitely pulls down the reputation.

performance management

Delivering the right part, in right sequence at right time is the biggest challenge for automotive Tier 1 suppliers, as there is no room for error and corrections when a part is to be assembled or shipped within a window time of 120 mins or so. JIS / JIT implementation is supported from two aspects, one is Assembly (or Build) to Sequence and the second is Ship to Sequence. iDACS supports you to connect to OEM link to download the sequence from various sources like VPN tunnel, web portal, shared folder, etc. iDACS also supports you to trigger your production both on time & sequence ensuring that you will never default in your delivery commitments.


Enterprises pursue perfect material, information and financial flows like zero defects and perfect quality. However, differences exist between Physical Inventory on Hand (POH) and Electronic Inventory Records on Hand (ROH).


Having the real-time visibility of inventory are various stages of manufacturing is not enough to bring in the savings, iDACS triggers the actions on optimising the inventory push & pull between two stages using its Factory Analytics Solution.

Inventory visibility to the granular level is addressed using lot & part labels, which will give complete control on FIFO enablement, traceability of parts, supports in quick identification and ease in moving the material by integrating with material handling systems like AGV.

In addition to the direct benefits like quicker stock taking, stock adjustments, the optimised push & pull of material will give a clear saving close to 20% in reducing the dead / expired inventory, WIP levels.


Digital twin is a virtual manifastation of physical industrial processes, components, assets and complete systems. This permits the enterprises to proactivately solve a problems before they occur reduce downtime and explore opportunites for future growth in a stipulated manner.

Digital Twin

The operations/manufacturing intelligence industrial application enables smarter decision making from plant to enterprise level.

Manufacturing Intelligence


With iDACS, we represent a more efficient and agile system, reduced production downtime and a greater ability to predict & adjust to changes in the facility enabling a fully connected and flexible system.

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The MIND Advantage
  • We have 300+ sites globally to support manufacturing systems and a digital manufacturing team of 100+ professionals with a balanced mix of business domain, functional, technical & project management experts ensuring we have sufficient bandwidth to manage large scale projects.
  • One of the most salient benefits of iDACS is asset efficiency as it translates into lower asset downtime, optimized capacity and reduced changeover time.
  • iDACS helps in optimizing the processes which leads to more cost-efficient processes- those with more predictable inventory requirements, more effective hiring & staffing decisions, along with reduced process and operations variability.
  • With self-optimization, iDACS helps in predicting and detecting quality defect trends sooner which further helps in lowering the scrap rates & lead times and increase fill rates.

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