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Episode : 02
India's Digital Support - The Harbinger of a Digital Revolution in Japan's Manufacturing Industry

With the COVID-19 outbreak, Japan’s manufacturing industry revealed numerous structural and digital deficits. While the working methods fast adapted to the changing environment, the rate of digital adoption was considerably lower if compared to peer countries.

With a leading change enabler like India, how can Japan streamline its manufacturing industry?
Tune in to find out!
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Episode : 01
Humans + Bots - Infinite Workforce, Infinite Possibilities

With advancements in technology, robots and automation that seemed at home in a sci-fi movie have now become a reality. Due to the capabilities now enabled by bots in our business and personal lives, we can’t even imagine our lives without them. Yet, with greater dependence on machines, there is a growing fear of what we can call “robotic apocalypse.”

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