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Industry 4.0+

Connecting things, data, process and people

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Distinctive Characteristics

3000+ IoT devices connected across

40+ shop floors globally with MIND’s IoT Solution

50 Million KMs of trips analyzed

200+ Vehicles supported by our Telematics Solution

Internet of Things (IoT)

Communication increase the exposure of the IoT device, accelerating digital transformation delivering perception out of statistics & Connecting the everything and everyone. With our personal centers to broaden custom industrial IoT gadgets, we have abilities to offer end to end IoT solutions right from production to deriving intelligence from generated records along side various systems such as ERP.

MIND gives enhancing comprehensive IoT offerings to our clients, wherein information this is generated by connected devices supplying enterprise with treasured facts which can assist improve product and offerings efficiencies and enhancing traditional legacy systems. We've got already connected 10000+ devices & appearance to capitalize on new possibilities & gain a higher level of digital transformation. With it’s IoT solutions, MIND is helping businesses to make their shop floor operations more efficient and cost-effective. And with it's Telematics capabilities MIND making the fleet operations safer, greener, and more cost-effective. MINDs IOT solutions answer allows your systems to scale dynamically even as preserving expenses low, doing away with the need to put money into servers or software's.

We Provide

  • Device Tracking
  • Hardware Management
  • Hardware Health Tracking
  • Analytics