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Soar Through the Cloud of Success

There’s no denying that many companies today are striving to become insights-driven. Unlike traditional enterprises, these organisations aim to grow exponentially while keeping a data-centric approach at their core. As a result, the right information to the right person at the right time is proving to be a central driver for business growth.

As organisations are trying to tackle the global COVID-19 crisis, Cloud has emerged as a critical enabler for modern businesses. A scalable, secure, Cloud-based, agile solution can deliver valuable insights for enhanced decision-making and can prove to be a game-changer for any organisation. Cloud-based solutions are helping businesses to keep pace by offering the benefits like reduced IT costs, improvement in data security and disaster recovery, increase in speed and overall process efficiency, scalability, flexibility etc.

Turn the Innovation Flywheel to Make Your Engineering Smarter

Technology transformation is happening, and businesses are aggressively investing to reap benefits. However, realising its full potential will require close integration between people, processes, and technology. Real digital or technology transformation stems from a shared vision between human brains and computer machines. But this posture of human-machine symbiosis, something that will require a huge transition in integrating technological advancements is not yet realised by many businesses.

Leverage Technology, Talent and Data to Drive Business Growth

During this pandemic, a key tool in the survival arsenal has been the power of analytics and business intelligence (BI), which has acted as the radar that helps steer the enterprise during these stormy times. 

The escalating need for self-service BI and collaborative BI tools during this crisis has further accelerated enterprise transformation. As a result, the need for enhanced capacities for reporting and analytics becomes all the more critical. These tools are the lifeblood of the 21st-century enterprise and need to be constantly replenished.

By proactively and continuously embracing technology transformations, enterprises can ensure operational and business fluidity.

Revolutionise Manufacturing with Technology

The manufacturing industry has always been receptive to the idea of embracing technology. However, the current pandemic was unlike anything we have ever seen before. While the priority has been to adapt to the new, it’s time for introspection for the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers today have to look for opportunities that current crises may offer them. We believe now is the time to end the debate of whether next-gen technologies that encompasses Industry 4.0 are a ‘good to have’ or a ‘must-have’. Today, we see that many plants have resumed production, and countries are on the road to recovery. But with every variant, we see sudden spikes. With the valuable time we get between successive waves, the industry should augment its capabilities to become more agile by adopting technologies and ramp up existing infrastructure.

Expand Business Processes to Deliver Efficiencies

For the last few years, business process operations have witnessed a paradigm shift, moving from a human workforce to a digital workforce. Today, the era of digital transformation is upon us, and every enterprise is rushing head-on towards embracing this change.

The right solution implemented too late is just as useful as a bad solution implemented on time. Therefore, our mantra is don’t adopt technology for the sake of adoption. Therefore, before any technology adoption, the organisations should focus on creating a value roadmap.

Unlock Your Business Value with SAP Partnership

To become an intelligent enterprise, the day-to-day business processes need to be streamlined. The technology transformation should take a holistic approach to better engage with customers, employees, and suppliers. In addition, the applications should be applicable for companies of all sizes across every industry. The SAP platforms precisely help transform your organisation into an intelligent enterprise so that your business can achieve agility, innovation and bring value to your key stakeholders.

Battling COVID with Technology for a Better Tomorrow

Today, MIND stands as a proactive technology partner to help organisations in their recovery journey against pandemic-driven disruptions. We stand on two strong pillars: one digitally empowers organisations, and the other makes them innovation and prediction-driven to outmanoeuvre uncertainty. Our capabilities help organisations to:

Imagine: Enable solutions and services to deal with the human and business impact of the pandemic using our design thinking approach

Perform: Bridge in post-COVID performance gaps by leveraging our core competency around providing Industry 4.0 solutions, digital engineering, and intelligent automation services

Operate: Build a strong foundation for digital journey through our smart infrastructure services customised to combat unprecedented disruptions

Innovate: Modernise application development and business performance solutions leveraging AI/ML and develop productivity-oriented applications to seize new opportunities amidst uncertain situations