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Optimize Cloud workloads with

Real time Cloud-Native Observability

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CloudHealth helps in analyzing the cloud environment to identify opportunities to reduce cost and improve efficiency through cost, utilization, and optimization analysis; CloudHealth provides guidance, recommendations, and action plan for cloud optimization.


48% Use CloudHealth to manage one public cloud

52% Use CloudHealth to manage two+ public / hybrid clouds

9% Use CloudHealth to manage three + public / hybrid clouds

Source: CloudHealth enterprise customers in 2019

Multi-cloud management to scale Intelligent Business Decisions

Streamline Operations

Create custom policies that automate daily cloud operations, speed decision making, and reduce risk

Simplify Financial Management

Report spend by cost center, drive accountability against budgets and find opportunities to lower your cloud spend

Strengthen Security and Compliance

Report on vulnerabilities, proactively monitor, detect, and remediate risks in real-time

Get complete control with CloudHealth

Scale Intelligent Business Decisions in a Multicloud Environment

Increase Agility

Deliver higher quality products and solutions faster, while keeping cost and security under control

Improve Collaboration

Make decisions faster by sharing data consistently, removing friction, and providing a common language

Drive Innovation

Innovate securely and with confidence

Enhanced collaboration throughout the optimization journey

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Tanzu Observability by Wavefront

Wavefront is an observability platform specifically designed for enterprises needing monitoring, observability, and analytics for their cloud-native applications and environments. DevOps, SRE and developer teams use Wavefront to proactively alert on, rapidly troubleshoot and optimize performance of their modern applications running on the enterprise multi-cloud.

10x Earlier Issue Detection find hidden Problems earlier

80% Mttr Reduction Simplify team collaboration

1 Unified Full Stack View From app to infra for all your clouds

30% Reduction On tooling complexity

5x Lower Costs vs. traditional tooling

> 500 Billion Daily Data Points Industry’s fastest performance with unlimited metric cardinality

Enterprise observability as a service for cloud-native application environments at scale

  • Enterprise observability over multi-sourced data: metrics, histograms, traces, span logs at scale
  • Alert, isolate, trend on anomalies with analytics and AI/ML
  • Advanced query language for faster visualization, fine grained alerting
  • Instant value with 220+ integrations OOTB dashboards

Typical Use Cases

Cloud-Native Analytics and Monitoring Platform (First Pane of Glass)

  • Full-Stack Visibility
    Metrics, Traces, Histograms, Trace Logs
  • All Containers like GKE, EKS, AKS, OpenShift etc
  • Simplify Multi / hybrid Cloud Observability like VMC
  • Developers debugging tool

High impact outcomes

Find Hidden Problems Quickly

10X Times earlier issue detection

Lower costs

5X Cost reduction vs traditional tooling

Reduce tools

30% Reduction on tooling complexity

Average results based on interviews with VMware customers

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