Today customers and regulatory agencies are becoming more and more stringent on the Product Traceability information for safety and compliance assurance. Manufacturers while using their ERP systems, need a mechanism to capture and maintain the genealogy information of the products to create value, reduce risk, and ensure compliance. To comply with all such requirements and providing a capability of integrating to an existing ERP system, MIND offers a robust solution for product traceability.

In the healthcare industry, this becomes all the more important to ensure the correct medicine (with valid expiry date) is traceable across the globe. MIND has developed solution to ensure a comprehensive traceability of drugs and medicines manufactured and distributed by its customer for delivery anywhere in the world.


  • All drugs and medical devices purchased by the Indian government or for exports must now display GS1 barcodes on their packaging.
  • GS1 aims to improve efficiency and traceability through the supply chain by providing a global system of identification and communication standards.
  • It is the most implemented supply chain standards system in the world.
  • GS1 standards cover identification standards across all industry sectors but GTIN Allocation Rules are used for Healthcare
  • GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) provides a unique identification solution for Healthcare Items. When linked with the item’s batch number and expiration date, it can help provide traceability from production to patient delivery.
  • Can be extended to ‘ePedigree’ standards by FDA (US)

This application works using different communication platform

Product Traceability – Using SMS

  • Scan product identification code using mobile camera
  • SMS scanned code to server
  • Server validates the authenticity of the SMS request for registered user and mobile numbers
  • Track & Trace application receives SMS and return back the validation result by SMS
  • The investigation data shall also be recorded in the system

Product Traceability – Using Web Portal

  • Open web portal and Scan barcode using scanner connected with the system
  • Web based application requests track and trace application server for its authenticity
  • The system shall authenticate the result and show on the web portal for its authenticity

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