MIND has developed a unique system to facilitate the supply chain process where in each component is identified with a unique number (ID) and is pasted with a barcode sticker. This barcode sticker and the unique ID is used to trace back the details.

Paintshop Execution System


  • Controlling the components movement between the Rework and FG by QC station
  • Error proofing for FG components before dispatching and generating auto invoicing.
  • Calculation of on-line FTT, Defect Pareto, Possible TGW and other analysis reports
  • Rework Management


  • Effective fault traceability and tracking.
  • Controlling the faults in time.
  • Reducing the human intervention in job description by guiding through displays.
  • Error proofing by providing the necessary controls which reduces the rejection %.
  • End to End component traceability.

Paintshop Execution System

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